10 Breakthrough technoogies

Did you already know about any of these innovations?
I have not hear of any of these innovations before, but I do find them all extremely interesting. 

Which ones did you find most interesting in terms of impact on society, culture, or economy?
I found the Carbon Dioxide Catcher especially interesting because it could massively help with climate change and global warming in the big picture. I also thought the Predicting Preemies innovation would be extremely helpful to prepare for a premature baby.

Which did you find the most interesting on a personal level?
On a personal level I think that the Custom Cancer Vaccines (if it becomes a reality) would be the most beneficial.  I know many people who had cancer and couldn't beat it and many who could, but this would saving many many lives.


Infographic Practice

link :

fake news

- Geno Choice
You can tell that this article is fake because there is no information on how it works and it just doesn't seem like this could actually be possible to do.  Also when I clicked on the links or tabs they all went to a 404 page could not be found page.  Another reason I could tell this is fake is that it is a .com which anyone can make and also because next to the web link it says "not secure".

- Buy an Ancestor Online
It is fake mostly because there is no possible way that this could be possible to do.  Also, this website has a waiting list but the list is obviously just a gif because it just goes on nonstop.  The reviews are all bad even seem like they were written by the same person.  There is no way to even do it and the website is showing you that you can get George Washington or Abraham Lincoln and that's obviously not true.

- Mankato, Minnesota