Final Reflection

- Describe each artifact/work sample, where it can be found, and your development process. 
First I have my infographic, showing and explaining the second part of my project.  The second part of my project was composed of three panoramas, three rule of thirds, and three leading line photos.  In my infographic, I showed the original photo and then the photo pointing out what it represented.  The third part of my project was a survey asking about what types of photos people like to take and how they take them.
Explain what makes this worthy of a final project? For instance: a photo can just be someone taking a picture of their shoes, or it could be a photo that a lot of planning and editing went into... right? 
My project is a worthy final project because it took a lot of time to take the exact right photo for what I was trying to make.  For example, take the panorama was very hard because I had to find people that wanted to be in it, but also to get it right which took a few tries for eac…

Final Project

screen cast

python turtle

timeline project

survey infographic

10 Breakthrough technologies

Did you already know about any of these innovations?
I have not hear of any of these innovations before, but I do find them all extremely interesting.

Which ones did you find most interesting in terms of impact on society, culture, or economy?
I found the Carbon Dioxide Catcher especially interesting because it could massively help with climate change and global warming in the big picture. I also thought the Predicting Preemies innovation would be extremely helpful to prepare for a premature baby.

Which did you find the most interesting on a personal level?
On a personal level I think that the Custom Cancer Vaccines (if it becomes a reality) would be the most beneficial.  I know many people who had cancer and couldn't beat it and many who could, but this would saving many many lives.